The r/anime Contests are about Friendship and Betrayal, Suffering and Memes.

They're an old ritual created by Jordy56 with the purpose to feed ShaKing807's immortal soul with tears of salt. Aside from that higher calling, the contest is an annual festival of amusement, teasing rivalries and great creations of users expression their support or hatred for certain characters. This is the forge that creates greatess.

Started 2014 the Best Girl Contest spun off into a fitting Best Guy and a gender neutral Best Character Contest. All of them growing into popular annual festivals of fun for the community of r/anime.

shit-taste.net was created by Chariotwheel, r/anime's Sexiest User 2017, for the purpose of showing everyone the dank ass memes of his that weren't upvoted enough and as an archive for the valuable contributions of other users.