Current Contest


Welcome to the seasonal salt contest, where you get your regular dosage of salt to finish up your anime seasonal course! Hope you enjoy!!


The wheel of fate is turning.


  • Only female looking characters (No Males/Traps) that have appeared in a 2018 TV Winter anime are allowed (No OVAs/Specials).
  • TV Sequels/2nd cour girls that aren't appearing for the first time are NOT allowed. Examples of not allowed: Kurisu Makise, Ochako Uraraka, and Touka Kirishima.
  • Characters with Non-TV Animeography beforehand can only have a max of three total works.
  • Limit to 4 Characters per franchise, these will be determined in the elimination round.
  • Check the Seasonal list to see all Spring 2018 TV anime.
  • Use only the pictures from MAL for your nomination please.
  • Please don't nominate characters who have almost zero screentime, thanks.

Have Fun Nominating!


  • 64 girls
  • 2 nomination rounds
  • 2 elimination rounds
  • 2 bracket groups


1. How old does my account need to be to vote?

1 month.

2. Can I subscribe to get notifications directly for when contests threads go up?

You cannot get notifications directly but you can check /new on /r/anime every day at 6 PM EDT/22 UTC for the daily contest threads. Also, the bracket can be found directly on the Anime Bracket site here:

3. Why is ____ not in the bracket?

The character you're inquiring about is not in the bracket for either one of the following reasons:

  • They appeared in OVAs, ONAs or Specials only and not in TV series or movies during the season. (Although some exceptions can be made)

  • They appeared in a TV series or more than 3 non-TV anime before the start of the anime season the contest is about.

  • They didn't get enough screentime in the season to be considered elegible to participate in the contest.

  • They are in a series in which more than 4 characters were nominated and they did not get within the top 4 amount of votes during eliminations.