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Best Character 4: Salt-Under-Blade! Nomination Day 1! - 21-07-2018
Best Character 4: Salt-Under-Blade! FINAL Nomination Day! - 22-07-2018


Best Character 4: Salt-Under-Blade! Elimination Day 1! - 23-07-2018
Best Character 4: Salt-Under-Blade! Elimination Day 2! - 24-07-2018
What is the best loophole that you've ever found? - 25-07-2018


Etymologists of Reddit, what is the coolest origin of a word? Entomologist of Reddit, what's your best bug fact? - 27-07-2018
What is the best money you ever spent under $20? - 28-07-2018
Parents of reddit, what’s your best example of reversed psycology on your kids that actually worked? - 29-07-2018
What film is the best example of 0% chemistry between two actors? - 30-07-2018
What's the best thing you've accidentally trained a pet to do, like a behavior that is specifically from interaction with you an - 31-07-2018
What's the best response to "why are you so quiet'? - 01-08-2018
What are your best ways to shut down a conversation? - 02-08-2018
What is the best anti-joke you've heard? - 03-08-2018
Teachers of reddit, what was the best lateness excuse, you ever heard? - 04-08-2018
What is the best condiment you've ever had? - 05-08-2018
TIL that the wife of George Lucas, Marcia Lucas, won an Oscar in 1977 for Best Film Editing in Star Wars. George Lucas has won z - 06-08-2018
Best mascot ever - 07-08-2018
One of the best shots I ever got in a game. (RDR2) - 08-08-2018
15 Years Ago Today, Buddy the Elf Reminded the World That the Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer Is by Singing Loud for All to H - 09-08-2018
The Simpsons producer responds to claims Apu is leaving. "Adi Shankar is not a producer on the Simpsons. I wish him the very bes - 10-08-2018
Possibly the best video of the Rondo spitting incident - 11-08-2018
My best man was a good boi - 12-08-2018
The best answer to hate - 13-08-2018
Best Halloween duo I’ve seen this year - 14-08-2018
Where is the best place to get recipes without the writer's life story? - 15-08-2018
[Kurzgesagt] Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World ???? - 16-08-2018
Netflix’s "Castlevania" Just Became the Best Videogame Adaptation of All Time - 17-08-2018
The best Trump sign yet - 18-08-2018
What is the best Donald Trump joke you've heard? - 19-08-2018
Blind dog trying his best to make new friends - 20-08-2018
Why don't you talk to your once "best friend" anymore? - 21-08-2018
I met a homeless guy on the pier at Venice Beach today. He was telling jokes for donations. I gave him $20 to tell me his three - 22-08-2018
Blizzard Pisses Off Fans by Saying Their Best Devs are Working on Mobile Games for ALL Their IP's - 23-08-2018
Yesterday I finally married my best friend - 24-08-2018
What's your best "Fire me, I fucking dare you" moment from work? - 25-08-2018
Best waiter ever! - 26-08-2018
The best kind of time off - 27-08-2018
ATTN!: Our friend - Roger Clarke has been nominated for Best Performance in the Game Awards for 2018 - I implores you to show hi - 28-08-2018
Scientists find a massive, 19-mile-wide meteorite crater deep beneath the ice in Greenland. The serendipitous discovery may just - 29-08-2018
you were not perfect, we complained a lot but now...many years later we realise: you were one of best expansion ever. All my cha - 30-08-2018
What was your best “You’re speaking to the manager right now” moment? - 31-08-2018
NASA Just Published the Best PR Video of All Time - 01-09-2018
best. day. of. his. life!!! - 02-09-2018
Valve discontinues the Steam Link, the best wireless HDMI gadget ever made - 03-09-2018
Best countries to be a working woman - 04-09-2018
My best friend Wobbles passed away Sunday morning... Can @EpicGames please make a tuxedo cat back bling so I can carry him on my - 05-09-2018
this is honestly one of the best comp games i’ve played in a while. tldr: we ran all supports in comp and kicked ass. - 06-09-2018
LIT-ERALLY having the best Thanksgiving! - 07-09-2018
I know I am not the best looking dude so what I am looking for, send my your best lines to add to my bio to be hilarious. Write - 08-09-2018
This golden boy has been my best friend for 15 years now. - 09-09-2018
How would you tell your best friends that you don’t want to come over because their kids are horrible monsters? - 10-09-2018
Some idiot just robbed my best friend's doorbell. I don't think he realized the whole ordeal was captured on camera. - 11-09-2018
The best Before/After - 12-09-2018
LPT: During this shopping season don't forget that Reddit is hands down the best review website on the internet. Type the produc - 13-09-2018
Just found out that my [25M] fiancee [25F] has been bullying my best friend of 20+ years [26F]. - 14-09-2018
Turkey got the best of them - 15-09-2018
Long range headshots are the best! - 16-09-2018
His best friend dressed as a bride - 17-09-2018
Whats the best purchase you made this year for under $100? - 18-09-2018
Best girl there is. Doesn’t even blink. - 19-09-2018
What's the best way to annoy a scammer by phone? - 20-09-2018
I was looking for a tutorial and I found the best thing ever: a 23-second video that explains exactly what I wanted. No intro, n - 21-09-2018
Nintendo Switch became the best-selling Nintendo console in US history for the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber-Mo - 22-09-2018
Stupid woman bests water department workers - 23-09-2018
VGA 2018: And the best PR award goes to... - 24-09-2018
Let's drop 675lbs and hope for the best - 25-09-2018
LPT: If you're a pet owner and your pet has to be put down, please be there with them when it happens. I know it's hard for you, - 26-09-2018
Whats the best gag gift you can think of to give for a white elephant party? - 27-09-2018
Washington State to implement best paid family & medical leave in America on January 1 – with employees eligible to take up - 28-09-2018
After breaking cultural barriers, 5 years of strength and tenacity, I get to say I'm engaged to my best friend. - 29-09-2018
The best magic trick in the world - 30-09-2018
Man’s Best Friend - 01-10-2018
This is a photograph taken by the award- winning underwater photographer Jason Washington and this is one of the best underwater - 02-10-2018
The best save possible - 03-10-2018
Patch Notes: Boss was spawning at sizes 300% larger than intended. Best bug ever. - 04-10-2018
Considering Ninja just won the VGA for Best Content Creator, I think this video needs to float around again - 05-10-2018
Roger Clark got best performance! - 06-10-2018
The best spot to be - 07-10-2018
What are the best life hacks for poor people? - 08-10-2018
I (28M) with fiance (27F) about a month ago overheard her tell a friend her previous Ex was the best lover she ever had - 09-10-2018
Skyrim at it's best - 10-10-2018
Best made Youtube rewind video was made by Weezer - 11-10-2018
Best artwork at my office was just a window. - 12-10-2018
Best dad joke xD - 13-10-2018
Reddit, As of Lately, What Has Been The BEST Thing You've Recently Discovered on the Internet? - 14-10-2018
One of the best scenes in King of the Hill. Hank discovers that Peggy and Bobby have been using charcoal. - 15-10-2018
Can I just say, we don't live in a world where everyone gets offended all the time. We live in a world where the very small mino - 16-10-2018
What's your best "why don't you drink?" argument/shutdown? - 17-10-2018
The best last name - 18-10-2018
If these are supposed to be the best of times. I don't want to see what the next recession will look like in Canada. - 19-10-2018
K-9 Units are some of the best trained dogs in the world. - 20-10-2018
Really? Caillou? Is that the best mascot you found for a shampoo! ? - 21-10-2018
If you could run all of your household's electricity for 12 hours after running on a human sized Hamster wheel for 2 Hours, woul - 22-10-2018
Super Best Friends (Final) - 23-10-2018
(update) I (28M) with fiance (27F) about a month ago overheard her tell a friend her previous Ex was the best lover she ever had - 24-10-2018
I adopted my brother's two Bengals when he passed away. I did my best to build them a cat jungle in my basement and make him pro - 25-10-2018
Truly the best way to bond - 26-10-2018
My son (3) was worried people wouldn't be able to tell him and his best friend apart because of their matching shirts. - 27-10-2018
Random reminder that this is the best greentext ever written. - 28-10-2018
What is the best free "all you have to do is ask" perk/upgrade from a company that most people aren't aware of? - 29-10-2018


  • Only characters who are able to communicate with other characters or the audience who have appeared in an anime are allowed. (For example, Meowth and MewTwo are allowed because they verbally communicate with other characters and the audience. Pikachu is not allowed because while he communicates with other characters via Pokemon-language, the audience and human characters cannot hold a conversation with him based on the human language. )

  • Characters that have only appeared in a manga, visual novel or hentai will not be allowed.

  • Only characters that have appeared in an anime as late as Fall 2017 are eligible. Please do not nominate any character who has appeared in an anime later than that season.

  • The picture you use for your nomination must come from MAL (My Anime List). If not, the nomination will be deleted.

  • Check the Character List first before nominating to prevent repeats.

  • All previous BEST GIRLS, BEST GUYS AND BEST CHARACTERS winners will not be allowed including:

  • Makise Kurisu, Lelouch Lamperouge, Yukino Yukinoshita, Koyomi Araragi, Roy Mustang, Misaka Mikoto, Hitagi Senjougahara, Spike Spiegel, Rin Tohsaka, Shinobu, Koro-sensei, and Rem.

  • There will be a 5 character per franchise cap, meaning that only 5 characters per franchise will be allowed into the final bracket. These 5 spots will be determined by elimination round votes.


  • 512 characters

  • 4 bracket groups

  • 2 nomination rounds

  • 4-6 elimination rounds